Talon Simulations joins the VRARA and launches Talon Strike Mixed Reality Training Platform

Talon Simulations joins the VRARA and launches Talon Strike Mixed Reality Training Platform

March 2021 – Talon Simulations specializes in immersive vehicle simulators for entertainment centers and training institutes and is excited to be a new member of the VR/AR Association.  With the effective combination of high-quality virtual reality head mounted displays and responsive motion platforms, Talon provides the most realistic simulations at a price point more accessible to wider audiences.  Our strong focus on durable hardware along with prompt technical support makes Talon a reliable partner in both professional training environments and high throughput arcades.   

“Our team has been eager to become a part of the VR/AR Association in order to increase our involvement with the rapidly evolving immersive technology industry,” states Brandon Naids, Talon’s CEO and Co-Founder. “We believe we can relay knowledge that we have developed working in the space over the last 7 years to aid in the ease of adoption for othersWe look forward to connecting with the global community and contributing to building a strong and effective industry.” 

Coinciding with our new membership within the VR/AR Association is the launch of the new Talon Strike Mixed Reality Training Platform. Talon Strike is a high fidelity simulation system that provides versatile, and easily reconfigurable environment. Using advanced commercial technologiesTalon Strike creates an immersive experience that supports a broad spectrum of applications including tactical aircraft (fixed and rotary-wing), submarines, special forces-like rigid-hull inflatable boats, high performance automobiles, law enforcement driving, and emergency response vehiclesThis concept has been prototyped through funding from Epic Game’s MegaGrant program where a C-130 startup and take off scenario was developed with the A3 Full Motion Simulator and haptic hand tracking gloves from BeBop Sensors.  Integrating our custom modular hardware components, the same system can be utilized to train a variety of vehicles and positions by swapping out software.  Our team looks forward to utilizing the Talon Strike platform for many advanced training scenarios where large and expensive simulators are inaccessible.  Learn more in the following video:

About Talon Simulations 

Located in Orlando, FL, Talon Simulations, LLC is a small business specializing in premium virtual reality experiences for entertainment and training.  They have a passion to create the most immersive and realistic experiences at a price point that is more accessible to greater audiences.  Below are a few highlighted projects that our team has been a part of:  

  • 150+ Four Seat Simulators designed, manufactured, and supported for Dave & Buster’s 
  • VR Fighter Jets at the San Diego Air & Space Museum operating daily since September 2016 
  • F-22 simulators for the US Air National Guard that tour the country for recruitment 
  • VR Helicopters for Bell Aerospace utilized for research towards the development of next generation flight controls 
  • Lunar Rover Simulator for NASA, utilizedfor research in their Hybrid Reality Laboratory