Air National Guard


Our team manufactured and installed a total of 9 specialty flight simulators in 3 separate trailers for the Air National Guard to tour the country to over 80 recruitment events.  Users have the chance to pilot several different fighter jet scenarios out of their local airport in a fully rendered virtual reality cockpit.

Nuat VR

Dubai, UAE

Congratulations to our friends at Kidzania Dubai and NuatVR for the successful deployment of 5 Atomic A3 Full Motion Simulators implemented into their brand new Space Center exhibit at the Dubai Mall! Experience a simulated rocket launch on your way to explore Mars. See video here.

Sector 5 Digital

Fort Worth, Texas

Sector 5 Digital did an outstanding job integrating 3 Atomic A3 Full Motion Simulators into multiple custom helicopter experiences for Bell Helicopter for a test program called “Future Flight Controls.” Data from these simulators is collected at expos such as CES and SXSW and will be used to determine what actions and interfaces are intuitive to the average potential operator to aid in the development of future aircraft.

Mind Immersions

Clermont, Florida

Mind Immersions is a virtual reality experience center out of Clermont, Florida which provides a variety of premium immersive attractions for all ages. Our team assisted with the design, layout, product selection, and installed 5 of our very own Atomic Arcade full motion simulators, equipped with 9 different experiences for guests to try out.

Dave and Busters

Dallas, Texas

Talon Simulations is proud to have been a part of the release of the new game Jurassic World: VR Expedition, a state-of-the-art virtual reality motion simulator experience launched across 112 Dave & Buster’s throughout North America. Our team was responsible for assisting with the product design, motion simulator wiring and testing, hardware/software integration, and technical support to ensure a smooth and effective roll out.

Nexus VR

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

As the Myrtle Beach area’s only virtual reality arcade, Nexus VR offers people the chance to travel to new worlds and take part in entirely new experiences ranging from exhilarating action games and fast-paced driving sims to mysterious puzzles and exploratory spaces. We equipped the arcade with full-motion racing and rollercoaster simulation. You can get behind the wheel and feel like you’re actually in a high-performance machine or on the world’s craziest rollercoaster!

Draper University

San Mateo, California

The Hero Hangout Virtual Reality Arcade is the brainchild of legendary Venture Capitalist Tim Draper. Their mission is to provide the general public with the ability to try the latest and greatest in virtual reality technology, and hopefully inspire and enlighten people about the possibilities of these new technologies. Be sure to check it out if you are in the San Mateo area.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Nielsen is a leading global information & measurement company, that provides market research, insights & data about what people watch, listen to & buy. One of their partners is CBS which owns and operates Television City in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It is at this location where visitors are welcome to participate in research studies that assist in marketing efforts for the studio. One of these studies includes our Atomic A3 driving simulator used to research people’s reactions to various billboards and radio ads.

Alteris Group

Southfield, Michigan

Alteris Group is a company of collaborators who partner with their clients to analyze and address their most pressing issues. Their learning, marketing and digital capabilities are deeply integrated, and the resulting cross-pollination brings exclusive insight leading to sound, effective solutions. The team was hired by Ford to roll out a custom VR experience at the Chicago Auto Show using 3 Atomic A3 Full Motion Simulators for visitors to demo new car concepts.

MEI Technologies

Albuquerque, New Mexico

MEI is a nationwide technology company that offers innovative products and services to public and private sector customers in the aerospace, defense, and biotechnology markets worldwide. They showcased two helicopter simulators that they configured using Atomic A3 Full Motion Simulators at I/ITSEC, the world’s largest simulation and training expo.

VR Orlando Rentals

Orlando, Florida

VR Orlando Rentals is a full-service simulator rental company which offers the latest and greatest Virtual Reality Simulators and Interactive Games for Corporate and Private Events such as Team Building, Leadership Workshops, Customer Appreciation Events, Conferences, Trade Shows, Private Parties, Fundraisers, and more in Central Florida at reasonable prices. Their team rents out their Atomic A3 Full Motion Simulator as a service for those looking to spice up their events or trade show booth.

Virtual Adventures

Orlando, Florida

Virtual Adventures is a full virtual reality arcade at the Florida Mall in Orlando, Fl. They offer the latest in VR entertainment including an XD Dark Ride, an Atomic A3 VR Racer, and several other attractions. Make sure to stop by this one of a kind arcade next time you visit Orlando.

Abbey Road Entertainment

Toronto, Ontario

Abbey Road Entertainment specializes in connecting clients with the most amazing party and event rentals across the Greater Toronto Area. On top of their already incredible rental offerings, they now have two Atomic A3 Full Motion Simulators equipped to be rented as race cars, roller coasters, fighter jets, or any custom requested experience.


Berkley, Michigan

Mediascape has been the premier source for leading edge multimedia solutions since 1992. Since then, they have been leading the way in artistic and technically advanced digital media productions. We supplied two Atomic A3 Full Motion Simulators for their team to integrate into a custom virtual reality experience for Lear Corporation, a global supplier of automotive seating systems, to offer a unique demo to clients.

Multi Image Group

Boca Raton, Florida

Multi Image Group is an event production company, specializing in live events, creative digital content, and exhibitions. They do this by discovering the innovation that lies at the intersection between Creativity + Technology. The Atomic A3 Full Motion Simulator is being utilized in custom branded experiences for their portfolio of high profile companies for marketing, an increase in trade show booth traffic, and to demonstrate new product concepts.

Games2U Entertainment

Seattle, Washington

Games2U, one of the largest event rental companies in the United States, has added the Atomic A3 to its catalog. They specialize in fully-mobile, on-site entertainment and offer more than a dozen exhilarating activities including Video Game Theaters, 4D Ride Experiences, Giant Hamster Balls, Laser Tag, the world-famous U:bot and so much more! Games2U: Seattle was the first event rental company to officially offer the Atomic A3. These companies provide entertaining experiences for everything from corporate events to birthday parties. Now multiple companies across North America have also added the Atomic A3 Full Motion Simulator to their rental catalogs.

Media Monks

Los Angeles, California

MediaMonks is one of the biggest creative digital production company on the planet. They specialize in working for and with advertising agencies to craft amazing digital work for global brands.
We delivered an Atomic A3 motion simulator to international marketing agency MediaMonks who integrated the system with their custom-coded proprietary software.
They created a one of kind virtual reality experience of the new Prius Prime to demo at the Toyota booth at this years
TechCrunch Disrupt


Houston, Texas

The Hybrid Reality and Advanced Operational Concepts Lab at NASA has created a virtual reality rover experience with the HTC Vive and has integrated an Atomic A3 motion simulator to increase the realism and immersion.

San Diego Air and Space Museum

San Diego, California

Aviation history is truly a remarkable story, and it all unfolds at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. Your journey through the history of flight begins as you stand beneath a model of the Montgolfier brothers’ hot air balloon of 1783 – the first manned vehicle in recorded history to break the bonds of gravity and lift humans above the Earth. We had a blast installing 4 fighter jet simulators at the San Diego Air & Space Museum where you can come and fly in a simulated combat mission with your friends.

RAYDON Corporation

Port Orange, Florida

Raydon Corporation specializes in developing new simulation and training technologies for gunnery training, maneuver training and critical task training and has been one of the world’s leading developers of simulation training products and solutions over the last twenty years. Selected members of the United States Armed Services have long depended on Raydon to provide an extensive range of trainers including embedded trainers, tabletops trainers, appended trainers and institutional Trainers. We delivered four Atomic A3 driver systems to Raydon to utilize with their convoy training software for US troops. They integrated the motion simulators with 60″ 3D curved screen LCD displays.

Orange Technical College

Mid Florida (Launch Site)

The objective of Launch Site is to prepare students to enter the workforce as animators, modelers, programmers, simulation designers and motion capture technicians working as virtual engineers to create the advanced learning systems used by the military and educational institutions. With a focus on simulation, Launch Site is committed to the success of students after graduation and is partnering with the Orlando Economic Commission and Career Source Central Florida to promote the use of high skill high wage technical jobs in our community. Their students have access to two Atomic A3 motion simulators to integrate their own custom software and have the unique opportunity of being immersed in their creation.