Talon Simulations, LLC was founded in August 2014 seeking to provide immersive and affordable simulators at a price point more accessible to larger audiences. With recent advancements in virtual reality technologies, we have been able to dramatically reduce the size, weight, and cost of motion-based simulators. Virtual reality head mounted displays (VR-HMD), combined with our two-degree of freedom (DOF) motion platforms, provides a realistic experience that is unlike any other. Our modular design allows for easy transition between flight, automotive, space, or marine simulations; and it is portable enough to fit through a standard doorframe.

Our team has been working closely together long before the formation of Talon Simulations. We began our journey as a Mechanical Engineering senior design project at the University of Central Florida. Instead of simply choosing a sponsored project from the class, our ambitious group of students opted for something extraordinary. We convinced the professor (against his initial judgment) to allow us to design and build a virtual reality flight simulator on the conditions that we found our own advisors, built our team, and gathered funding independently. We quickly found an associate professor that was willing to support our project. Dr. Felix Soto-Toro had a vested interest in this idea; being an electrical engineer at NASA, he recognized the importance of simulation in training. He was able to offer invaluable guidance, urging us to write a proposal that consequently secured us a grant from Boeing to fund the project.